by Carolyn Devine | Dec 18, 2017

As a young man, it seemed to me that every night club, disco or party that I attended was totally overrun by other single blokes (most of whom were better looking than me), chasing girls who appeared to be in a huge minority.

Flash forward 40 years and I now run a walking holiday company on the stunning Balearic Islands of Menorca, Mallorca and Ibiza. Around half of the weeks that we organise are targeted at single people in their 50's 60's and 70's. Now here's t...he rub. Why has the world done a 180 degree turn in the last 40 years? Along with every singles holiday or activity company that I'm aware of, the participants or guests are 80% female. Often, when we meet a lady walker from the airport, one of the first questions asked with a forlorn and rhetorical look in the eyes is "How many men are there in the group?" When my response is "3 in a group of 24", the response is "Wow, that's better than usual".

Now whilst being the walking guide to a group of stunning middle aged women is good for my reputation, Im not as young as I used to be and could do with a hand from any single men in their 50's 60's and 70´s who enjoy walking in the sunshine, plus consuming great food and wine.

If you think that you could help me out or, ladies, if you know someone who's up to the task, why not not message us on here, or drop me a line via our website. You can also call on freephone 0800 072 4832.

Hopefully not, but if my lovely wife Carolyn ever comes to her senses and leaves me for a handsome young Spanish waiter, the first thing I'll be doing is booking a singles walking holiday.